Most meaningful and unique experiences of my life.

This particular trip was one of the most meaningful and unique experiences of my life. I have had many psychedelic experiences, but this is one worth sharing. It was a Friday evening around 8pm when my brother and I ingested our 5 gram dose of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. The Magic Mushrooms were finely powdered up and accurately weighed, then mixed with a glass of orange juice. We did this at our house together. After we ingested the entire dose we decided to go out back because the sun was setting and we both had a slight idea of what would be happening when the mushrooms took hold of us, so we both wanted to have a moment to prepare ourselves in peace.
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From the beginning the both of us intended to have our experiences alone in our own rooms in a silent and dark environment. Which I personally have always preferred anyway on high doses, inspired by a great man, Terence McKenna. I believe this method is great for catalyzing personal growth, creativity, and maturation of thought patterns, (by which I mean that I have developed more efficient and healthy was to think about certain things and situations, (including mathematics and chemistry) however this change did not happen suddenly but rather over a period of time. Anyways, after about twenty minutes of sitting out back with both of us silent my brother said he had to go to his room because his dose was coming on strong. So I decided to follow suit and go to my room (powdered mushrooms always have hit me almost twice as fast as non-powdered). So I get to my room and itвЂs almost dark, but not quite. There were loud screaming playful children still outside playing so I shut myself inside my walk in closet so I could remove some of this unwanted stimuli from my senses. This turned out to be a good decision. After about fifteen or twenty minutes I began to see amazing kaleidoscope hallucinations that were swirling in complex geometry and bathing in a beautiful green and blue color and made of what seemed to be living conscious light, strikingly similar to an experience with freebasing DMT. It was not long, maybe 15 minutes before I lost all perception of space and time. Space and time no longer controlled my reality. I didnвЂt even have to close my eyes. My normal world was completely removed from my vision, or any of my senses for that matter. All I really knew for sure at this point was that I was about to go deep into the rabbit hole. Before I was completely gone, I snapped back into it and felt as though I might piss my pants so I went to the bathroom. I was feeling really happy and positive; I looked forward to what lied ahead in this journey. Little did I know what was about to happen though, I had no way to possibly prepare for it.

So for maybe 3 minutes I had my brain mostly in my normal reality. I looked at the clock and it was 9:30pm. I realized I had a couple hours left and my dose was almost reaching its peak effects. So I decided to end the closed closet experience because it was ideal conditions in my room; dark and quiet. So I laid in my bed and began to rapidly relax until I began drifting into some altered state of consciousness. I remember that I was staring at a little red light from my air conditioner and all of the sudden in my vision the red light started behaving strange, until I was blasted through it. It was odd, but it was at this time that it became profound. Some sort of entity made contact with me. This entity was able to communicate with me without words, but yet the message was crystal clear. It seemed to be much superior to what we call language. I cannot tell you how strange this next part was but it happened. This entity was downloading meaning and purpose into me through this telepathic like language. It was able to get perfectly clear messages to me through feelings and visual imagery. Buy Duo Pack Mushrooms It was showing/telling me that I was the “chosen one”. It did so with feeling and images of every spiritual leader in history that I can account for and even more. It showed me Jesus, Buddha, and Hindu Gods like Shiva and Krishna. But I interpreted the message I receive because not only did it show me these spiritual figures, but it showed me becoming all of these gods. And I knew then that I am Jesus, I am Buddha, and I am these Hindu gods. But it really taught me that we are ALL Jesus, we are all Buddha because we are ALL ONE. It taught me that I should act as these spiritual leaders have acted. And it showed me that all I have to do is embrace this religious/spiritual experience, just as Jesus and Buddha embraced theirs. It really showed me what I believe to be the true nature of religion at its core. That these types of experiences are what shaped belief in life after death and the existence of God.

When I came out of it, I once again had to piss really bad. As I went into the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and my face was the face of Krishna from the Hindu belief. Yes my face was blue and I had the whole works resembling Krishna. Then my face melted and reformed into another spiritual figure and another and another. It was an insane trip which had huge impacts on my life. I was changed in a big way that night, it felt like I died and was reborn. I would say that many of my less favorable tendencies died that night as well. When I came out of it, it was about 12:30 or 1:00 am. My brother did not have quite as pleasant of an experience that I had. Since then I have had many relatable experiences with DMT, ayahuasca, and other mushroom trips, however none quite like this one.

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